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Davidson's Casual Dining

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Davidson's Casual Dining | Tom's Pancake House

In Tigard, Davidsons Casual Dining is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  An old fashioned restaurant with a warm inviting environment and good flavorful and filling food, Davidsons has a mix of traditional favorites like Chicken Fried Steak, Halibut Fish & Chips, Cobb Salad and the like plus some very tasty and inventive specialty dishes, all made from scratch.  Located right on Hwy 99 in Tigard with a large convenient parking lot at the front door, Davidsons will remind you of your favorite restaurant in any small town or neighborhood that consistently serves delicious food and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  With a fairly large menu, they offer a full range of breakfast items and are justly famous for their home-made cinnamon rolls.  This is the kind of place couples like, but it also is kid friendly and set up so there is privacy for families.

The specialty of the house, in addition to the cinnamon rolls, is the Chinese Chicken Salad with chicken breast.  A warning; if you order this dish plan on taking half of it home because the orders are that generous. Chili or Clam Chowder served in a “cannon ball” bread bowl is also quite popular.

 When you decide to meet someone, Davidsons is a good choice because, in addition to being very conveniently located and having parking right at the front door, the menu is broad enough that you and your friend will certainly find something to interest you on the menu.  Trust Davidsons to have the same high quality and friendly environment every time you visit.  They don’t want to be known as a place that is trendy ….and then gone in six months.   A tradition they have at Davidsons is 22 cent cherry pie during February to honor George Washington.

The mixture of items on the menu allows you to suit your mood each time you visit. They have added some tasty Mexican dishes to the more traditional comfort food for which they are known.

This is a family owned and operated restaurant which makes all of their food from scratch. Over time, people have come to trust the quality of the food and they way they are treated.  When we say it is old fashioned, it is a compliment. Certainly they use modern methods of management and quality control, but the service they provide and atmosphere in the restaurant will remind you of the best restaurant in your home town in many ways.  Courtesy has gone out of style in some places, but at Davidsons it is a way of life.